Firehouse No. 7 – Youngstown, Ohio

Some of the most admirable people To me are the ones that put the lives of others before their very own. There is no doubt that firefighters have one of the most hazardous and dangerous jobs around. My brother-in-law, John Casey, is a captain for the Youngstown Fire Department. John is an 11-year veteran and was promoted to the rank of captain in 2007.  Since I had some lights and my camera, I asked if they would mind if I came to the station and took a few photos. They were generous enough to let me come in and hang out and shoot some photos. Luckily it was a quiet night and there were no alarms during my visit. I have the upmost respect for these guys for what they do.

Brief Station History: This city firehouse was opened on January 23, 1904 and is the oldest still operational firehouse in the city. The station originally consisted of three floors but sometime in the 40’s or 50’s, the third floor was removed. In the past, it had been home to Engine 7, Ladder 21, and a Battalion Chief. Today, it houses Engine 7 which frequently flip flops with Engine 2 as the city’s busiest company. This station is first due at Youngstown State University and to downtown responses.

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