Exploring the old Austintown Middle School stadium

A couple weeks ago I was out exploring with some friends and we decided to stop and take a peek at the vacant grounds of the old Austintown Middle School. Although we didn’t take many photos of the school itself during this visit I decided to concentrate on the old concrete stadium. You can see nature starting to reclaim the structure with the rotting and broken bleacher seats, crumbling facade and patches of grass that are beginning to spring out from the concrete foundation.

I attended this school from fifth through eighth grades so I remember walking the halls, playing in the field and running the stadium stairs during track practice. The school was the original Austintown Fitch High School. My mother attended this school and was part of the last graduating high school class before the current high school was constructed. After the new high school was built, this site used as the jr high school until it closed in 2007.

The school is currently abandoned but was observed being used by some local fire departments for training while we were there. The site is for sale, but has yet to have much interest from developers because of the environmental issues and cost that will be associated with demolishing the building. The school will continue to recall memories among former students as it sits and decays along side of the heavily traveled Mahoning Avenue.



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