Boudoir Session

Who: Camille

Camille contacted me interested in doing a boudoir shoot as a wedding gift to her soon to be husband. They had decided to elope last minute so we had less than a month to get everything scheduled and finished in time for her to surprise him on their wedding day.  She was like most clients, very nervous and a bit timid going into the shoot, but afterwards she admitted she had much more fun than she had ever imagined!  Camille’s favorite part of her boudoir experience was getting to see the pictures on the camera, getting to wear her wedding shoes, jewelry and veil.

She surprised her husband on the morning of their wedding by handing him the box and told him that it was just a little preview of what’s to come. He LOVED the album and even though he had suggested she do something like this for him, he was super surprised because he never knew she actually found the time to do it since they decided to elope last minute.

Charlottesville Boudoir Photography
Boudoir poses - Charlottesville Boudoir Photographer
Charlottesville Boudoir Photography
sexy boudoir photgraphy
Boudoir poses - Charlottesville Boudoir Photographer
Virginia Boudoir Photographer
Virginia Boudoir Photographer
Charlottesville Boudoir Photography
Richmond Boudoir Photography

What advice would you have for anyone else interested in doing their own boudoir session?
Listen to Ron! Don’t be afraid to ask questions. I felt strange holding my body in awkward ways and “framing” my face with my arms but once I saw the entire picture I put full trust in him.

Client testimonial:
Ron came highly recommended from three different friends who used him for their weddings or boudoir. Ron was able to schedule my photo shoot within the week. He also got me my book within the month since we decided to elope last minute. He booked my hair and makeup and venue all within that same week. All I had to do was pack a bag and show up. He is the magic man!
Yes- It’s strange to imagine introducing yourself to someone then moments later standing in front of them without your pants on, but Ron makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. Ron creates a professional, friendly, honest environment; I would highly recommend him to anyone!

Big thank you to Veritas Winery for providing their lovely bridal suite for Camille’s shoot and to Moxie Hair & Body Lounge for her amazing hair and makeup!

Who: Katie & Kendall

What: Wedding

Where: King Family Vineyards – Crozet, VA

The Couple’s Love Story: 

Katie and Kendall met at a Halloween party in college. Kendall was dressed as Virginia Tech head football coach Frank Beamer, Katie was dressed as a black cat. It was love at first sight, even though Kendall never got the courage to call Katie. Throughout the year they kept bumping in to each other and finally began dating the following fall.

Katie & Kendall’s wedding was the weekend before Thanksgiving so their inspiration was love, warmth and family. 

Katie’s most memorable part of their wedding day was walking down the aisle. “I don’t think I’ve ever felt as loved as I did in that moment. Surrounded by family and friends, my dad on my side and my teary-eyed groom in front of me made this perfect circle of love and happiness. It was incredible.”

Kendall’s most memorable part was saying their vows that they wrote together.

What’s Next for the Couple?

The couple went on a honeymoon in Mexico and plan on some much needed relaxation after the wedding!


Words of wisdom from the couple:

“Don’t sweat the small stuff. Our mantra during the entire wedding planning process was, “if at the end of the day we are married, then the day is successful.” The day was about us getting married, not place cards or guest books or favors.”


Venue: King Family Vineyards
Officiant: Jeanie Ribble
DJ: Derek Tobler
Videographer: Josh Hall with Whiteflair Productions
Catering: Harvest Moon Catering
Florist: Foxtail Cottage
Makeup Artist / Hair Stylist: Jeanne Cusick – Cville Makeup
Dress: BHLDN
Cake: Albemarle Baking Company
Photographer: Ron Dressel Photography

Who: Amanda & Sean

What: Wedding

Where: King Family Vineyards – Crozet, VA

The Couple’s Love Story as told by Amanda:

“Sean and I met through mutual college friends and bonded over our love of college football. It was funny because as we got to know each other better we realized over the years we had a bunch of mutual friends and had never met. His big brother in his fraternity was even good friends with my old roommate, he worked at my favorite restaurant which was owned by one of my friends, and when we met he worked for a friend of mine. How we never met before was crazy! We eventually bonded over many Saturdays together of college football and tailgating. Over the next four years Sean was always by my side as I finished my masters degree and dropped everything to pick up and move to Aiken, SC when I got my teaching job. We left Myrtle Beach, our best friends, and moved to a place neither of us had ever even seen.

We had not even lived in Aiken for a month when we traveled up to Virginia for the Oregon vs UVA game. Sean likes the Ducks and I grew up in Crozet as a UVA fan. A friend of mine from grad school that had gotten his undergrad at Oregon and his girlfriend met us at my parents for the game. On game day we had lunch and wine at King Family Vineyard, as we were leaving for the game, Sean proposed, and the rest is history!”

Amanda grew up not even two minutes from King Family Vineyards and it had always been one of her favorite places.  It’s where Sean proposed. The couple went with khaki suits and bow ties for some southern flair, and much to Amanda’s mother’s dismay, she wore cowboy boots with her dress, an ode to her equestrian roots. The only goal was for everyone to have fun and relax.

Amanda had the idea of having each bridesmaid bring a pair of shoes that represented themselves.  None of the girls had met before that weekend, and you can tell a lot about a girl by her shoes….:)

Amanda’s favorite part was her dad’s speech. Since he is not known as a talker, to hear him say so many great things was amazing. Amanda gave him a big hug and kiss after his speech.

What’s Next for the Couple?

Since Amanda’s a teacher, taking a week off for the wedding was already asking a lot so they have not taken a honeymoon yet but they are trying to plan something over winter break. Their next big project is to find a house to call home in Aiken, SC.

Word’s of wisdom from the couple:

Everyone tells you “it goes so fast!” It does! So enjoy every fitting, tasting, and meeting with your wedding coordinator. So once the big day comes, just let everything else go and just enjoy!
Venue: King Family Vineyards
Officiant: David Wayland
Wedding Coordinator: Kobi Albert – The Local
DJ: John Garland
Catering: The Local
Photographer: Ron Dressel Photography

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